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About US

Excellerate Education Solutions is a global Edtech Organization. Its innovative platform provides Educators with the right tools to enable learnings.


EXCELSIS is a next generation education platform which can support-
  • Comprehensive Solutions to run business operations for all forms of Education Institutions.
  • Across Globe
  • Exposure to 100s of Market Place products
  • Integrate with Emerging technologies to support
  • Bigdata and Analytics
  • ExcelSIS VR platform
  • Streaming and run time Videos
  • Child safety applications and many more marketplace products
  • a. Bigdata and Analytics– ExcelSIS solution combines ERP data with different forms of high volumes of data to derive insights that can help Institutions with Classroom learnings, business operations, Profitablilty and talent retention.
  • b. ExcelSIS VR platform- Educators can provide state-of-art learning tools using ExcelSIS's VR and AR applications
  • c. Streaming and run time Videos–Educators can extend their audience beyond campus wall using ExcelSIS's Streaming and Video services
  • d. Child safety applications and many more marketplace products-ExcelSIS offers multiple applications to track and protect your loved ones.